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This section of the school website will be updated in the light of changes to guidance to provide clarity for the school community. A quick guide for parents/carers from Bucks Council can be viewed HERE.


Expectations for attendance – the latest government guidance. John Colet School has normal expectations for attendance and punctuality.

What do I need to do if my child is unwell?

As a parent you must:

  • Not send your child to school if they, or someone else in your household has, or is showing any symptoms of, COVID-19 (a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell). If this is the case you must notify the school immediately. Please email or call the school 01296 623348·
  • Collect your child from school if they become unwell during the school day with any symptoms of COVID-19. If this is the case, parents will be contacted immediately.
  • Ensure your child self-isolates if they develop the symptoms outlined above, in line with the government guidance.
  • Book a test if your child is displaying symptoms, within three days of these symptoms appearing. Anyone can get a coronavirus test, whatever their age. A test is not required if you are not showing symptoms.
  • Your child should not attend school while awaiting the results of a test.
  • Inform the school immediately of the results of a test – positive or negative.
  • If this test (taken because your child has symptoms) is positive, you should follow the guidance above and must ensure your child continues to self-isolate for at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms and that they return to school only if symptoms other than a cough or loss of sense of smell/taste have gone. This is because these symptoms can last for several weeks once the infection has gone. The 10-day period starts from the day when your child first became ill. If your child still has a high temperature at the end of the 10-day period, you should ensure that they continue to self-isolate until their temperature returns to normal. Other members of your household should self-isolate in line with the guidance.
  • If your child has displayed symptoms but tests negative, they can usually return to school and household members can end their self-isolation but please note that this will be subject to confirmation from local health protection professionals with whom we will liaise. If your child tests negative but is unwell, they should not return to school until they have recovered.
  • If your child tests positive you must engage with the NHS Test and Trace process and provide details of anyone your child has been in close contact with.
  • You may find the following government guidance helpful:

What should a student do if they display symptoms of Coronavirus during the school day?
Tell your teacher or if at break or lunchtime report straightaway to Matron.

What will happen if there are any confirmed cases at school?

  • In the event of any confirmed cases amongst the school community, we will contact our local health protection team and follow their advice and guidance, as we have done with this incident. If advised to do so, we will send home students who have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive, advising them to self-isolate for 14 days since they were last in close contact with that person when they were infectious. If your child is sent home because they have been identified as a close contact, as outlined above, other members of your household do not need to self-isolate themselves unless your child subsequently develops symptoms.
  • If your child develops symptoms themselves within their 14-day isolation period you should follow the guidance above for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. You should make sure that your child gets a test. If the test delivers a negative result, your child must still remain in isolation for the remainder of the 14-day isolation period. This is because they could still develop the coronavirus within the remaining days.
  • If the test result is positive, you must inform the school immediately, and must ensure that your child self-isolates for at least 10 days from the onset of their symptoms (which could mean the self-isolation ends before or after the original 14-day isolation period).
  • If the test is positive, your child is then a confirmed case and the appropriate guidance must be followed. This will mean that other members of your household should self-isolate for at least 14 days from when your child’s symptoms first appeared.

Transport, Uniform Arrival and Exit

Will school transport be running?
Buckinghamshire Council are responsible for home school transport and will update parents. In line with government advice we ask that students avoid public transport if at all possible. The latest local information from Buckinghamshire Council is available on this link. Face coverings are mandatory on public transport. Although not mandatory Buckinghamshire County Council are asking that students wear face coverings on pupil-only school buses. We support this advice.

What time should I arrive and where should I go?
Students should arrive in the morning for an 8.30am start. You should arrive via the front or back gate. Ensure that you wash your hands/have applied hand sanitizer before leaving home and on arrival to school. Do not congregate unnecessarily outside of school.

What time will school end?
The end of the day will be 2.45pm for Years 7-9 and 2.50pm for Years 10-13. Again do not congregate unnecessarily outside of school. On Tuesday the school day ends at 1.45pm.

Should students wear a full school uniform?
Yes. From Monday 14 September school uniform expectations are as normal (see the Uniform Policy for full details). Students should bring, not wear, PE kit for days when they have PE on their timetable.

School Day and Curriculum

Will students follow the normal school day?
Lessons will run according to the published timetable with the intention of full curriculum coverage in all areas.

The timings of lessons will change to accommodate staggered break, lunch times and end of the school day, to minimise contact between year groups.

School timings

Break and lunchtime areas

  • Year 7-8 Back Playground and Lecture Theatre
  • Year 9-11 MUGA, Quiet Garden and Hall
  • Years 12-13 Sixth Form Study Room and Off Site

What should students bring to school?

  • A face covering
  • A named water bottle
  • Equipment for learning: e.g. exercise books for the lessons on their timetable; 2 x blue or black pen; 1 x red pen; Pencil; Rubber; Sharpener; Ruler; Reading book; Highlighter. For Maths: Protractor; Scientific Calculator; Pair of compasses. Extras: (these are useful, but not essential) Coloured pencils/ pens. Remember: some days you will need items for certain lessons e.g. PE kit, Food Tech equipment.
  • The school will not be lending other equipment for hygiene reasons.
  • Hand gel/ anti-bacterial wipes may also be useful.

Hygiene and Protective Measures

How will the school minimise the risk of spreading the virus?
To minimise the mixing and contact between students the school has followed advice from the Department for Education. This includes measures to minimise contact between year groups and to encourage social distancing.

Protective measures, such as increased cleaning will be implemented. The risk of transmission of infection is substantially reduced by cleaning hands more often than usual - wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with running water and soap and dry them thoroughly or use alcohol hand rub or sanitiser ensuring that all parts of the hands are covered. Good and regular hand washing will be encouraged. We have fitted external sinks and hand sanitising stations to increase available hand hygiene facilities.

Student toilets - in order to reduce the risk of spreading infection the outside doors to the toilets will either be removed or wedged open throughout the day. Toilets will be allocated to year groups:

  • Year 7 - Maths Toilets
  • Year 8 - Sports Hall Toilets
  • Year 9 - Gym Toilets
  • Year 10 - Humanities Toilets
  • Year 11 - English Toilets
  • Years 12-13 - Science Toilets

Teachers will adapt their rooms where possible to comply with DfE guidance including leaving a gap between the teacher table and any student table; students facing forward. Each teaching space will have a bottle of hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial spray.

To maximise social distancing, movement around the school will be by a one-way system, as far as possible. There will be clear signs around the school.

What is the cleaning regime?
Cleaning will be undertaken more frequently to reduce the risk of spreading the virus on frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, handrails, tabletops. We will make every effort to provide anti-bacterial gel and wipes in every classroom and at points around school. However, this will be dependent on the school being able to access adequate supplies. Students are advised to bring their own.

Will students and staff be expected to wear face coverings?
Students need to wear face coverings when travelling to school on public transport or on school buses. Students and staff are required to wear face coverings when in the corridors and on stairs. Student face coverings should be plain, with no slogans or large fashion logos. If students wish to wear face coverings at other times they can. Please carefully follow the government advice for the hygienic removal of face masks. If the mask is reusable students will need to place it in a sealable plastic bag when removed. If the mask is disposable students need to place it in a sealable bag and dispose of it when they get home.

Social Time and Dining Facilities

Will break and lunch run as normal and will food be available?
Break and lunchtimes will be staggered and year groups will be expected to stick to their designated areas:

  • 09.55 20 minute morning break for Years 7, 10, 12-13
  • 10.55 20 minute morning break for Years 8, 9, 11
  • 12.15 30 minute lunch break for Years 7, 10, 12-13
  • 13.15 30 minute lunch break for Years 8, 9, 11

Break and lunchtime areas:

  • Year 7-8 Back Playground and Lecture Theatre
  • Year 9-11 MUGA, Quiet Garden and Hall
  • Years 12-13 Sixth Form Study Room and Off Site

Food will be available to purchase, but canteen queues may be long. To avoid the queues we advise students to bring a packed lunch and a named water bottle which they can fill up from the water fountains. Students will not be allowed to drink directly from the fountains and the school will not provide cups for students.

The cash top-up catering machine will not be available to use and the only way to top up will be by ParentMail.

Students are asked to sanitise their hands prior to using the biometric payment scanner.

Will the Library be open at break and lunchtime?
Until further notice the library will not be open at lunchtime.


Are there any new rules that I have to follow?
Behaviour expectations, including additional safety requirements, remain high. It is imperative that behaviour outside of school respects the community.
There are some new rules and behaviour guidance because of Covid 19 see Behaviour Policy. Staff will be familiar with these rules and will endeavour to make sure they are followed consistently.

Parents please read the rules and ensure that your children are aware of and adhere to the new procedures that have been put in place. Contact your child’s head of year if you think your child might not be able to comply with some or all of the rules, so we can consider alternative arrangements with them and support them to integrate back into school life.
When pupils are in school, we expect them to act responsibly and to follow all of the rules/guidance set out below to keep themselves and the rest of the school community safe.

  • Students must arrive/exit the school with respect for social distancing measures.
  • Students must respect all the distancing control measures whilst on site including:
      • Altered routines for arriving or leaving the school (as detailed above)
      • Hygiene, such as handwashing and sanitising
      • Who pupils can socialise with at school, including at lunch and break times (as detailed above)
      • Moving around the school (e.g. one-way systems, out of bounds areas, queuing)
      • Sneezing, coughing, tissues and disposal (‘catch it, bin it, kill it’) and avoiding touching their mouth, nose and eyes with hands
      • Telling an adult if they are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus
      • Breaks, including where children may or may not play
      • Use of designated toilets
      • Not to cough or spit at or towards any other person or on the floor
      • Wearing a face covering in corridors.
      • Wear a face covering on public transport and on school buses

To help encourage pupils to follow the above rules, we will continue to issue recognition points and praise to students demonstrating the schools values Ready, Respectful and Responsible.
We will try to enforce the changed rules/guidance by explanation and encouragement. However, if we feel a student is deliberately not following the guidance and putting others at risk we will implement sanctions in line with our behaviour policy.

Will the school ensure that students socially distance?
We will make every effort to ensure those in the school community socially distance. However, the responsibility to do so remains with the individual. We will try to enforce the guidance by explanation and encouragement. However, if we feel a student is deliberately not following the guidance and putting others at risk we will implement our most serious sanctions.

Extra Curricular and Evening Events

Will Parent Information and Open Evenings take place?
For the Autumn Term evening events for parents will be replaced by recordings and questions and answers released online.

Will Year 11 be able to attend after school revision sessions?
After-school revision for Year 11 students will take place since they are all in the same year group bubble. Departments will issue details of sessions.

Will homework club still take place?
Yes, Homework Club will take place.

Will extra curricular events take place?
Yes, provided that they can comply with social distancing or year group bubbles.




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