Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up

The Department for Education (DfE) provides additional funding for students in Year 7, who achieved below their age related expectations at the end of Key Stage 2. This additional funding is used by schools to provide literacy and numeracy catch-up support for Year 7 students. It is designed to help students to catch up as quickly as possible. At John Colet school we focus on providing literacy support and intervention to help develop reading, as this supports learning in all subject areas and is essential for accessing the curriculum, as well as numeracy skills.

 At John Colet School the Catch Up funding is being used to work towards achieving the following aims:

  • To develop strategies to support students with their reading and build confidence to be able to tackle unfamiliar words.
  • To continue to increase reading skills and a love of reading.
  • To support students with key skills in mathematics.

The £5,000 funding is used to target individuals through specialist provision on a 1 to 1 basis to develop reading and literacy, and small groups for numeracy. We use the following reading schemes: Toe by Toe, Catch Up Reading and Stride Ahead, as well as having a wide range of accessible reading books to develop a love of reading. Numeracy is developed via small group support in maths. Students access this based on their grasp of particular maths topics.

In 2019/20 there are 9 hours per week set aside for the development of literacy and 4 for mathematical skills per week. This exceeds the funding received.

In 2018/19 the average progress made by students on a reading scheme was +2 years, with some students making in excess of 4 years' progress with their reading on the scheme.

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