Business Studies

Sixth Form

Course title: AQA GCE A Level Business 7132, AQA-7131-7132-SP-2015.PDF

What are the knowledge and skills that students will gain over Key Stage 5?

The following content is covered in the GCE Business course:

  • The importance of the context of business in relation to decision making
  • The interrelated nature of business activities and how they affect competitiveness
  • The competitive environment and the markets in which businesses operate
  • The influences on functional decisions and plans including ethical and environmental issues
  • The factors that might determine whether a decision is successful eg the quality of data and the degree of uncertainty
  • How technology is changing the way decisions are made and how businesses operate and compete the impact on stakeholders of functional decisions and their response to such decisions
  • Use of non-quantitative and quantitative data in decision making (including the interpretation of index numbers and calculations such as ratios and percentages)
  • The impact of technology on strategic decision making
  • The influences of Corporate Social Responsibility, ethical and environmental issues on strategic decisions
  • The difficulties in forecasting future trends
  • The importance of assessing feasibility and risk when making strategic decisions
  • The impact on stakeholders of strategic decisions and their response to such decisions

Skills covered over the GCE qualification:

Students will develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyse data, think critically about issues and make informed and balanced decisions.

Why is it delivered in this way?

During year 1 of GCE Business students cover the nature and purpose of businesses and entrepreneurs, leadership and management styles and the four functional areas of business; HR, Finance, Marketing and Operations. This gives students a solid foundation in the areas of business and management.

During year 2 of GCE Business students look at the positioning of businesses, strategic decision making of businesses, strategies nationally and internationally, culture and change management. Year 2 requires students to use their knowledge and understanding obtained during Year 1 of the course.


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