Speakers Programme

Throughout each year we are pleased and proud to welcome speakers from a variety of different places; charitable organisations, local groups, different careers and backgrounds to talk to Sixth Form students about all manner of subjects. In the academic year 2018-2019 we had talks from Aylesbury Youth Action (volunteering), the Samaritans, Project Trust, Cyber Safety and ex-students working in the IT and Creative Media sectors. If you feel you could offer a session to our students, please do get in touch with Miss Rose, Assistant to the Head of Sixth Form at erose@johncolet.co.uk


Assemblies take place weekly for the Sixth Form and are an important way of communicating key messages to students about all sorts of topics, both academic and pastoral. Assemblies offer the opportunity to celebrate our successes and for students to update their peers on their achievements both in and out of school. Themes of recent assemblies have included: Protecting My Digital Self, Developing Good Sleep Habits, Promoting Positive Mental Health, the Invictus Games; Overcoming Adversity, Practising Mindfulness, Avoiding Identity Fraud, Gender Equality, Study and Revision Skills and Plastic: Fantastic?


Students in Year 12 can participate in the Community Sports Leaders Award, which runs alongside their other studies. Students develop leadership skills through participation in sport, which can then be transferred to other departments around the school through roles as Subject Ambassadors.

World Challenge

Every two years, a team of Challengers takes on a life-changing expedition to a developing country with World Challenge. Students commit to fundraising to support their trip and the two week expedition includes different phases; trekking, working on a local project, rest and relaxation. Previous expeditions have included Morocco, Ethiopia, Zambia (2016) Nepal (2018) and Namibia (2020). Where will we explore next….?

World Challenge

Community Service

All students are expected to participate in community service, committing to engage with a project or area of interest within school or in the local area. Students will complete a minimum of 10 hours per term and students who complete more than the minimum are recognised and their achievements celebrated. Students can support younger students through our Peer Mentoring scheme, listen to younger readers in the mornings, help out and lead their scout group, work with a local primary school or charity or volunteer as part of a local organisation. If you feel you could offer our students an opportunity to complete community service with you, please do get in touch with Miss Rose, Assistant to the Head of Sixth Form erose@johncolet.co.uk

Safe Drive, Stay Alive

Each year in the Autumn Term we take our Year 12 students to the Wycombe Swan to see the production of ‘Safe Drive, Stay Alive’. This hard-hitting and thought-provoking event aims to raise the awareness of young people as they begin to consider learning to drive or ride mopeds.

Safe Drive, Stay Alive


For more details about EPQ, please see the ‘Curriculum’ section of the Sixth Form website.

Young Enterprise

Company Programme that enables participants to experience what it’s like to set up and run a student company, https://www.young-enterprise.org.uk/what-we-do/secondary-programmes/company-programme/


We are pleased to partner with the National Citizen Service, who offer excellent packages at a superb cost for students who wish to participate in their residential courses and community projects. This opportunity is open to students age 16 and 17, so is suitable for our Year 12 students.


Bucks Skills Hub Challenge Days

At different times throughout the academic year, Year 12 have the opportunity to participate in Challenge Days, organised through the Bucks Skills Hub. These events comprise of a first round within school where students work in teams to create a pitch which is judged by external visitors to the school. The winning team is offered the opportunity to compete with other local schools at a final event. Our previous winning team were able to work for a day with a local business in their office, being supported in planning their final pitch. This was then delivered to an audience of sales professionals and local schools at Pinewood Studios! We are looking forwards to the new Challenges for 2019-2020.

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