An Ofsted inspection was carried out in February 2020. Below you can find a copy of the report confirming that the school continues to be graded good. Some of the headlines:

  • Pupils enjoy school. They get on well with one another and their teachers.
  • Pupils are enthusiastic about the school’s rewards system. This motivates them to work hard.
  • Pupils like the house competitions. These allow them to get to know other pupils in different age groups. This contributes to the school’s community feel.
  • Pupils say that teachers encourage them to participate fully in lessons. They say that their homework helps them to work independently.
  • Pupils produce high quality work across most of their subjects.
  • Pupils take pride in their work. 
  • Pupils feel very safe at school.
  • They behave well in lessons and know that teachers expect them to work hard.
  • Parents and pupils said that bullying is rare and, if it does happen, the staff deal with it effectively.
  • Parents and carers told us that they particularly value the wide range of subjects available to study at this school.

There are many other positive comments so please take the time to read the letter in full.

Ofsted Inspection Letter - February 2020 

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