Rewards and Consequences

Pupils are enthusiastic about the school’s rewards system. This motivates them to work hard. (Ofsted, February 2020)

Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour. Pupils behave well in class. They say that the rewards and consequences system is clear and encourages them to follow teachers’ instructions. (Ofsted, February 2020)


Our first aim is to acknowledge when ‘doing the right thing’ as often as possible and as a result our expectations regarding behaviour are clear. Students at John Colet need to be ready to learn, respectful and responsible. School is a place of learning; any behaviour that prevents learning will be taken very seriously.

Praise and encouragement are vital in promoting good behaviour. The Recognition System is just one way that we can celebrate your achievement, success, positive attitude and effort. In all aspects of school life as we want to encourage you to strive to excel.



Our Consequences System is based on a clear and fair set of rules that will be applied by all staff consistently across the school. The system gives students the opportunity to behave.

The latest version of the Behaviour Policy is on the policies page of the website.

Pupils are polite and respectful. They move around the site calmly and take care of their environment. They enjoy their free time and respond quickly to staff to resolve any problems that may occur. (Ofsted, May 2016)

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