The way children access learning both in and out of the classroom has changed dramatically over the past few years; the introduction of computer technology into the classroom has allowed teachers to develop new and exciting ways of delivering lessons and tailor learning to meet individual student needs. Google Classroom and e-resources are now used as everyday tools in the classroom and for home learning.

Therefore, for students in Year 7 to 10, we have partnered with Freedom Tech: Tech 4 Learners, to provide a 1:1 device programme to give them use of a chromebook both at school and at home. This allows them access to a wide range of electronic learning materials to enrich and extend their learning.

For parents and students, Tech 4 Learners offers:

  1. The latest technology for students: a personalised learning device they can use at school and at home.
  2. Enhanced learning outcomes through consistent access to technology and powerful learning resources.
  3. FreedomTech Advanced Repair Service covering Manufacturer, Theft and accidental damage with no excess cost, to provide peace of mind should anything happen to the chromebook which can be accessed at school.
  4. The ability to pay for the latest technology in monthly payments.
  5. Chromebooks belong to you at no additional cost at the end of the payment term.

How to Access
Parents are offered the opportunity to join the Tech 4 Learners purchase scheme when they join JCS at the start of Year 7. More details are provided as part of the transition information.

Students eligible for Pupil Premium
If a student is eligible for Pupil Premium (not including services premium) the school will contribute towards the cost of a chromebook. Please contact for more information.

Freedom Tech Chromebook Repairs
Devices which have been purchased through the Freedom Tech: Tech 4 learner scheme have a 3 Year Freedom Tech Advanced Repair cover. If a device needs to be repaired then parents need to visit Freedom Tech Customer Support to log the issue. Freedom Tech will arrange for the device to be collected for repair from your home or work address and Freedom Teach will issue a reference number.  Please note, repairs are not able to to be collected from the school. The repair code should then be emailed to the school office: and once this has been received the student will be provided with a device which they can use for the duration of the repair from the library. Once they have their own device back they will need to return the loaned device to school.

How to raise a Repair Service ticket

Bringing your own device (BYOD)
A student may already own a chromebook. This can be used on site; however a management license will need to be installed. We highly recommend the chromebook has a long battery life, is portable (preferably 11”) and it has a protected case when transporting it between classes. You should also ensure that you have appropriate insurance for the device.

All of our devices have to be “managed” to keep students safe and to ensure learning is consistently and effectively supported across the schools. If you have your own device, we will need to add the relevant Google Education management software. We ask parents/guardians to make a one-off contribution of £35 for this.

Please note the school is unable to provide technical support for BYOD devices.


Student Expectations

Acceptable Use

Parent FAQ (July 2021)

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