Extra Curricular

As a result of an extensive programme of enrichment, pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain. For example, all pupils take part in ‘make a difference week’, where they work together on addressing issues in the local community. Pupils learn about different faiths in religious education, evolution in science and current affairs in tutor time. Consequently, pupils are knowledgeable about democracy and have a strong sense of right and wrong. (Ofsted, May 2016)

The extra-curricular programme for Summer Term 2019-20 is set out below.

Extra-Curricular Sports Activities - Summer Term 2020


Extra-Curricular Activities - Spring Term 2020 

Extra-Curricular Activities - Autumn Term 2019

Extra-Curricular Sports Activities - Winter Term 2019 


A selection of the trips of visits in 2017-18 is listed in the document below.

Trips & Visits 2017-18.pdf

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