Leaders are ambitious for all pupils to succeed. In most subjects, curriculum leaders skilfully plan when pupils learn new knowledge. This means that pupils know and remember more. Pupils build on their previous learning so that they learn more complex knowledge as they move through the year groups. Teachers’ subject knowledge is strong. They work together in subject departments to create interesting resources. Teachers use assessment well. They find out how much pupils know and remember and then support pupils who fall behind. Teachers plan carefully how they introduce technical language so that pupils can adapt it and use it with confidence in their speaking and writing. (Ofsted, February 2020)

Teaching and learning at John Colet School aims to be engaging, challenging and purposeful. Students are expected to be active learners and teachers are expected to provide lessons which help equip young people with the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable success. Formative feedback from the teacher enables students to be reflective as they progress each lesson. Every lesson should contribute to the young people in our care becoming well-developed individuals of good character who are confident and capable to make a contribution to society. They will be well-informed about progression routes at 16 and 18.

The school makes use of Google Classroom to deliver learning materials to students, including homework and provision of support when online learning is required. All students have login details and should doing so on a daily basis. This document summarises some of the key aspects of this powerful package.

A key factor in ensuring students are getting the best education comes from the Tuesday collaborative weekly planning sessions. This time is dedicated to planning lessons together to achieve a common goal of excellence in the classroom. Alongside a range of Continued Professional Development opportunities for teachers, we aim to help develop our staff so that they can continue to help develop each student. During this time JCS teachers have prepared a number of short videos to support students when revising for tests or examinations. The 12 COGS videos are available to students on Google Drive, but also on YouTube for parents.

Link to YouTube Colet Cogs

The school has subscribed to GCSEPod, which is an excellent way for students to consolidate their learning with access to over 6,000 3-5 minute videos written specifically for the GCSE courses followed at John Colet. The pods are suitable for all Year 7-11 students, who can follow the instructions below to get started.

GCSEPod - Quick Start 

Students working at home is important because:
• It reinforces the principle that learning is a process that cannot be confined to school hours.
• It allows students time to pursue work to a greater depth.
• It provides students with the experience of working quietly in their own time to further develop their study and independent learning skills.

Homework is set online via Google Classroom for which students are issued with login details.

Homework is an area where the partnership between school and parents can help the students. Parents should ensure that students do their homework under suitable conditions, ideally in a quiet, dedicated space where the completion of the homework can be monitored. By showing an interest in what is set from Year 7 parents help to establish the importance of homework and set clear structures that will help your child throughout their schooling.

Year 11 After School Revision Rota 2021-22


Year 11 Learning Cycle 2 (LC2) (Spring Term 2022) - checklists

Year 11 students should make use of the documents below when revising for the LC2 assessments, which will be scheduled according to this Year 11 LC2 Assessment Timetable

Business Studies LC2 2022

Drama LC2 2022

English Language LC2 2022

Food Preparation & Nutrition LC2 2022

French LC2 2022

Geography LC2 2022

History LC2 2022

Maths LC2 2022

Music LC2 2022

PE LC2 2022

RE LC2 2022

Science (Combined) LC2 2022

Science (Triple) LC2 2022

Spanish LC2 2022




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