The school operates a Canteen service where students may purchase food to consume on site before school as well as at break and lunch time. Unfortunately the school does not have a Canteen seating area, but the Hall is made available to students for as much of the year as possible, though this is not the case when external examinations take place in the summer. Fortunately the school has plenty of outdoor seating when the Hall is closed and makes available a limited number of classrooms if the weather is poor.

The biometric cashless catering system uses an algorithm based scan which is not a fingerprint. It allows students to top up their account in school or parents to add credit online. 

Students are expected to remain on the school premises during lunchtime. No student may leave school at lunchtime without a written note of permission from parents and we will only authorise this in exceptional circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some examples of menus are given below as a guide.

Weekly menu


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