Who's Who

Some of the key members of staff for Year 7 are given below.  If parents/carers have a general enquiry the school office can be contacted , office@johncolet.co.uk, and a message will be forwarded to the appropriate person. 

Mr P Harty Headteacher pharty@johncolet.co.uk
Miss S Palmer Deputy Headteacher spalmer@johncolet.co.uk
Mrs P Norris Assistant Headteacher pnorris@johncolet.co.uk
Dr. P Myatt  Head of Year 7 pmyatt@johncolet.co.uk
Mrs A Scully Safeguarding Officer ascully@johncolet.co.uk
Mrs R Rowland Student Support Officer rrowland@johncolet.co.uk
Mrs R Slater Student Support Officer rslater@johncolet.co.uk
Mrs L Walters Matron matron@johncolet.co.uk
Mrs D Richardson  SEND Manager sendmanager@johncolet.co.uk
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