English Drama


Year 7
Basic Skills in drama:

  • Still image
  • Narration
  • Physical theatre
  • Thought tracking
  • Split screen
  • Co-operation
  • Team work
  • Problem solving

Mime and Silent Movies:

  • Use of body language and facial expression to communicate meaning to an audience
  • Focus on accuracy of movements and mime
  • Create comedy silent movie sequence

The Island:

  • Introduction to devising drama
  • Structure of a story
  • Development of character
  • Performance etiquette

Theatre in Education:

  • Performance aimed at a specific target audience
  • Reflection on experiences throughout Year 7
  • Teaching through performance

Year 8
Anti-Social Behaviour:

  • Performing a script
  • Creating performance based on a script
  • Exploring character
  • Developing character


  • Stock characters and traits of each character
  • Melodramatic style of performance
  • Performing scripted performances
  • Creating own Melodrama pieces.

Greek Theatre:

  • History of Greek Theatre
  • Using Greek myths and legends in performance
  • Exploring the different roles within Greek Theatre

Devising from a stimulus:

  • Links to GCSE Drama syllabus.
  • Exploration of a stimulus image
  • Creation of performance based on the stimulus

Year 9
Course Title: OCR GCSE Drama J316


Physical Theatre
Live Theatre Review
Theatre in Education

Year 10
Course Title: OCR GCSE Drama J316

Blood Brothers

Preparation for written exam
Mock Scripted practical exam
Live theatre review

Evaluation of theatre performance
Devising drama

Guided mock devised assessment
Final Devised performance (10% of GCSE)
Final Portfolio (20% of GCSE)

Year 11
Course Title: OCR GCSE Drama J316

Blood Brothers revision
Preparation for mock exams
Presenting and Performing Text (30% of GCSE)
Exam Revision for Written exam (40% of GCSE)

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