Physical Education (Examined)

Key Stage 4


What are the knowledge and skills that students will gain over Key Stage 4?

Physical Education combines physiology, psychology and sociology of sport and physical activity and this is taught through practical and theoretical lessons. Powerful knowledge in Physical Education:

  • Provides students with analytical skills enabling them to critique training methods and practices in relation to different sports and physical activities.
  • Provides students with powerful ways of analyzing, explaining and understanding trends and patterns in data and using this to improve performance.
  • Enables students to follow and participate in debates in current sporting issues taking place nationally and globally.
  • Allows students to assess and evaluate their own and others work and develop plans to enhance performance and review progress.
  • Students will gain a social awareness of the importance of working with students with a variety of different ability levels and enhance their leadership abilities through activities taught

Why is it delivered in this way?

The combination of theory and practical allows pupils to have a better understanding of concepts and apply them to actual situations. It ensures all knowledge is applied and justified to exercise situations.

Sixth Form

BTEC Sport, Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Sport

What are the knowledge and skills that students will gain over Key Stage 5?

Will gain knowledge and understanding of:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Fitness Training and Programming for Health
  • Sport and Well-being
  • Professional development in the sports industry and
  • Sports Psychology.

Pupils will be asked to analyse and apply this knowledge and understanding to the effects exercise has on the body and what adaptations training can bring. They will need to justify the advantages and suggest disadvantages of these areas to different sporting situations. They will gain an understanding of how it is possible to progress through work places and write a CV or perform a skills audit to check suitability of employment.

Why is it delivered in this way?

To prepare students for the world of work and give them the necessary skills required when continuing on the sport and PE pathway in the future.

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