The 4Cs at John Colet School

The 2018-19 school year sees the relaunch and rebrand of the Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum into two areas:

  • Character and Culture, and
  • Citizenship and Community

Within the 4Cs at John Colet, we are aiming to support and create a well-rounded school experience that will help students to not only start as they mean to continue, but to help them to succeed in the wider world once they leave school.

4Cs Learning Journey

Character and Culture
One morning per week, tutors will lead an activity about topics like organisation, communication, leadership, e-safety, etc. All of these activities are based around building character and creating a positive, resilient and kind culture at John Colet.

Citizenship and Community (or Cit-Com)
This one-hour lesson happens once per fortnight, and aims to delve deeper into topics like relationships, drug awareness, finance, and careers, among others. These lessons aim to provide students with some of the knowledge and skills to succeed and be a positive contributor both in school and in the wider world.

With the focus on the 4Cs, Character, Culture, Citizenship, and Community, we aim to support the development of students into well-rounded individuals who are willing, able, and eager to experience and contribute to the world around them.

Themes by Year Group


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 7

Starting as we mean to go on

Expressing myself effectively

Making good decisions

Year 8

Celebrating our differences

Thinking with a clear head

Committing to growth

Year 9

Finding my voice

Adapting my voice

Growing in confidence

Year 10

Owning my journey

Owning my actions

Owning my decisions

Year 11

Breaking down the journey

Charting the course

Finishing with pride

Sixth Form

Building awareness

Becoming mindful

Acting deliberately



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